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    About Us


    Welcome! We are small group of dedicated plumbers in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. We have 10 years of combined experience, and we can help you with any plumbing problem that you may have. 

    Home Newcastle plumbing

    Home repairs. You name it, we do it. Kitchen faucets, leaks, clogged sinks, running/blocked toilets, gas appliances, bath and shower problems, hot water systems, roofing repairs, and general home maintenance. Contact us 24 hours for all your home plumbing issues.

    Commercial Newcastle plumbing

    Businesses and large property complexes. Waste removal, water supply, bathroom/kitchen fixtures, sprinkler systems, sewers, burst pipes, pipe relining, gas plumbing, leaks and general maintenance. We are a phone call away. Our customer service is second to none!



    Emergency Plumbers & Home Improvement Experts

    Available 24/7


    Blocked DRAINS

    Few things can be as frustrating as a blocked drain. We get the job done, first time! NPS ensures these are out of your way as soon as possible. Reach out to us for any kind of blocked drain or back flow problem – from blocked kitchen sinks, slow draining water, back flow in toilets – there is no clogged or blocked drain that we can’t unclog. Our high quality service allows you peace of mind.



    Leaks can be tricky and really inconvenient. In some cases, there might be water damage to parts of your home which you aren’t even aware of. This is why families and businesses trust NPS – we get right down to the root cause. We manage everything from leaky faucets, dripping water heaters, leaking flush tanks, cracked kitchen pipes to the more complex damaged pipes hidden behind walls.

    Bathroom Plumbing

    We know you value that hot shower at the end of a tiring day, and a bathroom plumbing issue can just be what you don’t need. Our services cover all issues under your bathroom roof – no hot water, clogged bathtubs, backflow testing, shower heads, leaky water pipes, installation of new sinks & tubs, toilet repairs, low water pressure, backflow prevention, or complete bathroom renovation!


    Kitchen Plumbing

    The kitchen is the very center of a home, and thus, in it is a variety of appliances & fittings that could go wrong. Dishwashers, sinks, faucets, garbage disposals, sinks, etc … your home is on track if your kitchen is on track. We professionally manage any task in a kitchen, from leaking faucets, dishwasher issues, blocked garbage disposal pipe, plumbing gas fitters, blocked drain and installation. You name it, we do it!


    BROKEN Fixtures

    Damaged fixtures can be messy & time consuming to fix. But at here at NPS, we follow a quick & smooth process of selection, purchase and execution – a classic demonstration of our quality workmanship. Be it cracked tanks, drain repairs, dislodged basins, broken faucets or old shower heads – our experienced team fits all these & more with a smooth finish. It’s like we weren’t even there.


    Hot WATER Systems

    NPS prides itself in our years of quality plumbing experience, and this is why our customers trust only us when it comes to the bloodline of plumbing – the cold/hot water system. Be it issues with your main supply line, like leaks or low water pressure, gas fitting, even issues with your drainage system – clogging, back flow, general damage – our helpful team of trained professionals will handle it all for you.


    Plumbing Newcastle
    & Lake Macquarie

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    I have been using Newcastle Plumbing Services for a while now and I could not be happier. Always on time and cost effective.
    Charles from Cardiff
    Within a day of having the quote, Chris was underway on my bathroom reno's the next day. Thanks.
    Nina from kotara
    I found Jack to be very friendly and offered an impressive price for some repairs to my property. Great service.


    Plumbers Servicing Newcastle Lake Macquarie Hunter Valley

    24 7 Emergency Service

    If you have an emergency, day or night, we will get a Newcastle plumber out to you!

    Professional Plumbing Newcastle

    Our Newcastle plumbers service Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie with the most reliable services in New South Wales. It has been a decade since the day we started in Warners Bay, and now we are everywhere in Newcastle and the suburbs. Our customers highly recommend us!

    Our expert plumbers are just a call away from your home or business. You need a reliable and dependable plumber for instant solutions to the problems at your place. NPS are one of the best and fastest services. You may call any time of the day and we will be there in no time to resolve the issue instantly.

    We have extensive experience in dealing with plumbing jobs of all sorts, including gas fitting, and our high quality services has earned us a great reputation.

    The best thing about our service is that we are not just fixing the obvious, but we are also using advanced techniques to find the root cause, that may not be obvious and can be more costly in the long-run. We’ve seen these hidden faults destroy the structure of a building without the owner knowing. But there is no need to worry with us! We are here to thoroughly examine and identify where the problem is actually located.

    We are universal solution providers with the best tools and techniques. We completely understand the nuisance and frustration created as a result of overflowing toilets, blocked drains, broken or cracked sinks, a dripping tap – whatever it may be. Whether it is about changing the plumbing fixtures and fittings, opening clogged gutters, or cleaning clogged shower heads.

    If you are working all day and have a tiring hectic routine, a hot water bath may be the most relieving activity at the end of the day. And then you have to face a poorly working heating system. What a nightmare to have only lukewarm water after such a tough daily routine. But no worries! Because we have a Newcastle plumber available at your doorstep to get it fixed, and you in your hot tub, instantly.

    As well as in the bathroom, NPS has the capability to resolve all your kitchen plumbing problems. Being the most visited/used place of the house, the kitchen can encounter endless problems with its plumbing. Fixtures or fittings, sink, bad hot water system, blocked drains, waste disposal unit, dishwasher, gas fitting, faucets, etc. NPS has a high end solution for all these problems with our plumbing emergency service.

    If you are intended to purchase plumbing components, water tanks, faucets, hot water system, shower heads, toilets, sinks, etc. we have a very simple process of selecting the best for you, and then installing your component within no time. We can highly recommend solid distributors. Our Newcastle plumbers are trained and experienced to help you make the right choice.

    All your emergency plumbing needs are fulfilled here at NPS, so stop worrying! If you’re in Newcastle or Lake Macquarie, we highly recommend you call us and we will be there immediately to help you and your family. We get the job done right!